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Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly Dance- Raqs Sharqi native to Egypt, Stria, Tukey, Algeria, North Africa, Greece, Middle East and Asia a traditional art form filled with mysticism. An Earth dance using core muscles giving you a chance to express being in the moment.

Belly Dance- (Raqs Sharqi) is a dance which has had a journey of it's own but native to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Algeria, North Africa, Greece, the Middle East and Asia. It is used to be and still is a social dance performed for festive celebrations. Whatever its variety of origins one thing is certain it has roots in ethnic and folk dancing in some parts of the world. Some places it blossomed as a traditional dance in others a religious one. Some other areas it was considered as a banjara/ nomadic dance and women performed it as an Earth dance symbolizing "Shakti".

This dance involves a unique fluidity of the different parts of the body, arms, waist, hips and belly. The dancer is in control of her spine, bending forwards and backwards. A trainer instills flexibility and isolation of muscles in her students for a graceful movement to blossom. There is an air of mysticism and oriental touch to it too. The association with different cultures made this dance an exotic and personal expression for a woman performing it.

Execution of fine movements from the pelvis and the hips from an intricate part of the dance. The dancer is taught to communicate the intricacies of fine movements to her audience through use of lilting music and rhythm of the woman's body.

The Costume depends upon the region the dancer hails from and the music to which she performs. For solo performances, a dancer usually wears a fitting skirt with a slit. For group performances a layered skirt or harem pants with a blouse.

The costume is embellished with sequins and beads. Canes, cymbals, veils and swords are some of the props used to keep a performance energized. A hip belt and a sequined blouse form the costume of the "Raqs sharqi". The element of folk and tribal/ gypsy style in evident in the attire.

Belly Dance is suitable for all ages starting from 8 years. It gives a great cardiovascular workout, focuses on "core" muscles and builds leg and arm strength. It is an ever evolving dance style with choreographies being innovated and improvisations being added by the Gurus of the arts!

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