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Folk Dance

Folk Dance

India is big geographically and diverse in it rich variety when it comes to the folk tradition. The dances of the tribes are now performed authentically only in the rural areas.The steps are original and the costumes most striking in colour, movement, music and sheer intensity with which it is executed.

It is all about Tradition from the onset which could mean- a festival, or a celebration, seasonal or devotional and with all Pujas and rituals and then the build up to either a dance or theatrical performance which leads to a glorious and wonderful experience! Whether from the North, South, Eats, West or teh central part of India or from any other part of the World, We teach them all.

For all your competitions and school, college and corporate performances we are here to help you to the top position. For School Annual days for children as little as 3 to upto 16 years we provide excellent training for all forms of dance training for your extravaganzas!!

India has a rich dance culture and is full of flavor in its folk culture too. Come learn the variety !!

Folk Dances of the World! - Children (Boys and Girls)

3 Months course for Folk dances of India

3 months for Folk dances of different countries.