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Hindustani vocal

Hindustani Vocal

LIOTA offers an intensive Course in HINDUSTANI VOCAL music. A course in which you are taught the very basics of Hindustani classical music which includes Sur-Taal Introduction.Various warm up exercises and Paltas for vocal chords to enhance voice modulation. Thaats and Raags followed by compositions of famous musicians ! Bandish & Tumhris based on different popular ragas. As the student progresses in learning they will be given stage exposure to build confidence in presentation and skill.

If you have learnt music earlier and want to rekindle the urge to restart, Feel free to call us and we shall set the stage for your dreams to come true! We also conduct certificate examinations if you wish to get a certification from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya or From Shrutilaya Fine Arts Trust (www.shrutilayafinearts.org) Examinations are important but LIOTA teaches you the nuances.

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of performance on the stage as it is a performing art!