LIOTA- Laavanya Institute Of Traditional Arts

India has a rich cultural heritage. Artists across the spectrum, such as musicians, dancers, folk arts, and martial arts, have flourished in our country since time immemorial. They have carried on learning, creating, and teaching, motivated only by their artistry and family and community traditions. Cultural growth is key for the health of a growing nation. While our cities and towns grow, we need to preserve our cultural heritage and maintain the uniqueness that is India. Everybody needs a form of expression. Some love to dance while others sing. Some love the instruments while others love colors.

Then there are those who want to tune themselves to the Universal energy and martial arts or meditation. Whichever one you choose will be your unique way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, and instincts. Traditional arts celebrate the heritage and bring about the discipline of mind and body, which ensure our ability to excel in every field and activity we choose. This is the reason Shashi Ramesh, a Bharatanatyam artist has brought together under one roof a place where you and your children can the arts with joy in your heart! For your convenience, The Laavanya Institute of Traditional Arts brings you the opportunity to indulge in as many art forms as you’d like! Come by and Indian, Western as well as fusion art forms at our state-of-the-art studio.


Shashi Ramesh
Founder – Director